All my life I’ve wanted to entertain and life continued to happen getting in the way. Desperately needing an outlet to express my creative side I created this podcast! Did I create this podcast just for my own amusement? No way!! I have stated on numerous occasions I only want to continue doing this show if someone… anyone…is getting anything from it. This show is designed to Promote positivity, inspiration and willingness to give yourself the opportunity to succeed. This being MY experiment in opportunity, I’ve been lucky to have some of the greatest guests imaginable for a relative unknown. These talents ranging from Writers, Directors, Voice Actors, Artists and much much more!! These shows are what this Podcast was born from and that content can be found fresh every Thursday!!



In 2007 I had already seen Southpark destroy Scientology on their episode “Trapped In The Closet” and shrugged it off as poking harmless fun. I then saw John Sweeney of the BBC do a documentary on Scientology via Youtube “Scientology and Me”. It was shocking and unreal the depths in which Scientology and their top guys harassed and played with Mr Sweeney. Again, maybe this is sensationalism at it’s highest? Can I just blindly believe this? It doesn’t effect me personally so I moved on. I read about Lisa Mcpherson (look it up) I was horrified. I saw Tom Cruise have “freak out” moments and Leah Remini called an enemy by Kirstie Alley. The dots are connecting but again I’m some IT guy, what can I do? I see Going Clear, Tom and Katie’s divorce and the start of Leah Remini’s Scientology The Aftermath. I had just spoken to Cathy Schenkelberg 4 months earlier (Day 28, 29 and 30). Her story checked out and connected all the dots I needed. After witnessing the despicable behavior of some Scientologists on Social Media smearing the names of good people I had enough. I now do a podcast and I have the resources to finally do something 10 years later! This topic comes up and fizzles out regularly. when it buzzes it buzzes big. Yet it still goes away. I created my Friday show which tells the stories of those effected to keep the conversation going and is still open to opposing views. Regardless all this explanation I still get asked “Chris, If you were never effected personally by Scientology, why do this?” The answer is simple. I have preached on my podcast for a year that no matter what your personal fights are (Racism, LGBT rights, Women’s rights etc…) If all you ever do is fight for yourself, you are no closer to unity than if you never took up a cause to begin with. We must stand for each other in order to find that unity. This is simply me practicing what I preach……

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